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> fast and slow (On speed, time and the growing of things in 2020; Florets, the Broccoli Arts newsletter)

> Roots / Blooming: The making of Emergency Chorus’ ‘Landscape (1989)’ (A multimedia document about the tangets of show creation; EC blog, via Contemporary Theatre Review 29.2)

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Grant Access: the arts funding drag king

3 November 2022

hello! a note to say that this autumn, i've been doing Soho Theatre’s Drag and Cabaret Lab! it’s currently being led by the inimitable Len Blanco, who is a brilliant artist & cracking facilitator...

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Roots / Blooming 

10 May 2020

This quick note to say: I wrote a text about how we made Landscape (1989) for Backpages a while ago and, to accompany the recording of the show we’ve just uploaded, it’s readable on the Emergency Chorus website...

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NOW Festival Week 1, 2019

17 July 2019

I saw three kinds of music today and they were all pretending to be something else. I can’t help but hear the echoes of the musical theatre performers in the vibrato of the opera singers...

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